China’s model to be adopted for upcoming Indian Railway University


The visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China brings a lot of insights. Amongst which is the model for the Indian Railway system. As per the news, the PM has put forth a proposal for introducing railway related courses which will be taught by the Railway University. The idea has come for the first time in India and the University is first of a kind. The University will be modelled after China.

In response, the Railway Ministry of India has informed the Cabinet Secretariat and the PMO that they have held considerations with National Railway Administration of China regarding the same.

It has been noticed that India there are several candidates who desire getting employed in the railways but probably are falling short of knowledge. Keeping this in view, the PM felt the need to bring some course and studies in India. As far as China is concerned, there are multiple Universities in China that provide railway specific courses, which follows a tradition more than 100 years. Having such a vast experience into designing curriculum, administration and optimum resource utilization of the Chinese culture, they can be relied for providing there guidance in railway courses in India.

Other than the China Ministry, IIT Khargarpur will also collaborate and put its optimum efforts. IIT Kharagpur will introduce engineering specific railway courses. This will also be a first of a kind for India. The idea of India to merge with the IIT was of Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry.

The Railway Ministry is also going to sign a contract with EdCIL on September 30, 2014 for the same purpose. EdCIL is an HRD-controlled PSU, which specialises in offering end-to-end solutions for setting up educational institutes.

Once the project is planned then the location will be decided after the approval from EdCIL and as per advice by the HRD Ministry. For the best location for the University, the chosen city has to be point that has ample connectivity with the rail and the air which will be convenient for the students as well as the faculty and commutation should also be comparatively easy.

As far as the courses are concerned, it has come to knowledge that the railway courses as decided by the proposed university will include undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Railway Engineering and Management.


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