Meritorious students of northeast to get 10,000 scholarships


10,000 scholarships-

The Union Minister for Human Resources Development, the meritorious students coming from the lower economic strata will be awarded scholarships for studying at undergraduate levels in colleges and universities of the country.

Ishan Uday-

‘Ishan Uday’ is a special scholarship scheme launched by the UGC for the students of Northeast from the academic session 2014-15.


  • The ‘Ishan Uday’ scheme permits a grant of 10,000 scholarship for the students of Northeast.
  • Students whose parental income is below Rs 4.5 lakh per annum will be provided with Rs 3500 to 5000 per month.
  • The amount will be provided every month for studying in undergraduate level in colleges and universities.

Ishan Vikas-

‘Ishan Vikas’ aims to enhance the quality of education in Northeast and foster the desire of the students to pursue technical education.

Therefore, the programme will be facilitated to the students of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and IISERs. The programme is an interaction between teachers and the students of the Northeast.

Both the programmes – Ishan Uday and Ishan Vikas – are part of initiatives taken by the HRD ministry in its first 100 days.

Each school will send one teacher to accompany a group of about 32 students of class IX and X. The college students would be organised in two groups in summer and in winter, each consisting of 32 students.

Around 2016 college students and 504 teachers from Northeast will be visiting premier institutes like IIT, NIT and IISERs in an academic year.


The summer internship for students from the engineering colleges with stipends and travel will be taken up. From 25 institutions, about 250 students will be visiting 16 IITs and six NITs (to start with, six NITs are being considered) per year, the minister added.

Udaan and Saksham-

The ministry said that AICTE through its Saksham programme has decided to award 1,000 scholarships to differently-abled students to pursue technical education based on merit in qualifying examination.  Also, CBSE’s UDAAN will provide special incentives to 1,000 selected disadvantaged girls to enable admission in science or engineering colleges.


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