New education policy to be introduced


According to the news, the HRD Minister Smriti Irani plans to introduce an education policy that is based on the academic merit. She indicates that the policy will be dictate things such as which course should be taught in which way, under which process.

Realising that the nation needs a new education policy, the policy will be well described. It will also include the methodology and things such as how the topics will be taught in what way. She answered this question in a press conference and also highlighting the initiative the ministry took in first 100 days of the National Democratic Alliance government.

Moreover, the discussions regarding the new policy will be included at the regional and national levels. She said that the team is in efforts that this movement in the new education policy should start from January 2015 and shall start across the nation and the importance will also be given to the decided way of how to teach the course.

Other things mentioned by the Ministry was the National Education policy which was framed in 1986. The Ministry also answered to the controversial FYUP (four year undergraduate programme). In response to the questions they said that the University Grant Commission (UGC) is working on the basis of the National Education Policy, which was framed in 1986. The National Education Policy, 1986 advocates the 10+2+3 system. Irani also added that a review of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) and the RTE will soon be carried out.

Lastly, she said that there will be a review carried out on these issues. In her last meetings with other Ministers, they have also presented their challenges before her regarding the issues. The state education secretaries have expressed a need for review. The review process will soon be started.


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