Changing Science of Computers


With phenomenal changes seen in the science, Regents professor of Computer Science department at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Subash Kak talks on emerging areas in Computer Science.

Computer Science-

The study of Computer Science makes a person expert in theory of computation and the theory of computation and computation systems.

Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It covers the different aspects of computer like algorithms, storage, access to information and many more in-depth things.

Here is what all things are different in Computer Science today as per the professor Subash Kak-

With the change in the way we communicate since the last 20 years, the field of Computer Science has also seen a phenomenal changes. The hardware and software side as well as the programmes, applications and languages have also changed.

The introduction of internet and smartphones in our communication has brought a sea change, change to an extent we could not fathom. In recent days, anyone can access to whatever information one desires for. Not only has this had an impact on the society but also on the economy because people have access to all kind of information.

All areas are connected through data and to sort out relevant areas, to protect one’s data, data mining has become big.

Scope and oppurtunities for employability-

According to most experts, computer science, management information science, computer engineering, and industrial engineering will remain the sectors with the most job opportunities around the world.

The upcoming areas in Computer Science-

Computer science is no longer restricted to one field and has implications in areas that include new applications in banking, commerce, medicine, healthcare, and new areas such as cryptocurrency, security, mechanical engineering, digital forensics, management science, quantum computing and computer cryptography. In terms of research, software engineering, data security, wireless networks, operating systems and social networks will be the focus areas. In the US, a lot of students come for their Master’s but we have very few Indians go on to pursue their PhD in computer science. There are many reasons for that, for example, a PhD takes a long time. A lot of Indian students become entrepreneurs, etc and do well.

Jobs in Computer Science/ Jobs for a Computer Scientist-

According to him, there are jobs in all kinds of industries: finance, healthcare informatics, engineering and government for those with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. PhDs can get jobs in the education sector or in research centres in industry.

Skills required-

Students should be good at maths and have strong communication skills. Computer science is not for everybody. One has to be curious and work hard to do well.


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