Cyient engineering services will generate 3500 engineering jobs


Cyient Ltd is a Hyderabad based engineering service company. Cyient creates and deliver services that enhance one’s business agility and its leading-edge solutions enable major organizations worldwide to achieve measurable and substantial benefits. They provide solutions like product development support, life-cycle support, process and network engineering, plus data transformation, analytics.

The Company decides to generate 3500 jobs in Hyderabad after it announced the launch of two programmes for skill development and enhancing digital literacy.

Through the programmes intiated by the company, Cyient Foundation aims at skill development to make engineering graduates employable and empower neighbourhood communities to participate actively in Digital India.

Aim of the programme-

The Company aims to train over 3,500 students from 19 tier-2 engineering colleges in the vicinity of Hyderabad and make them industry-ready.

Yes, the programme is beneficial. It is beneficial in such a way that it will be delivered by the Global Talent track (Talent Track is a leading training company specializing in customized talent development established with the aim of minimizing the gap between the academia and the industry.

National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM)

The second initiative apart from Cyient is National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM). It aims to empower neighborhood communities with digital literacy and facilitate use of digitally-enabled citizen services.


As part of this initiative, 2,000 community members, one from each family, would be trained to operate a computer or a digital access device (such as a tablet) and use the Internet to search for information, send/receive emails and access various e-governance services.

The training of this programme modules have been developed and moduled by NASSCOM Foundation, covering content on health, education, literacy and livelihood.

Cyient Foundation would also partner with an NGO specialised in executing community development programmes.

At Cyient, employees are catalyzed and contribute to the growth phenomenon in the society. The company’s belief goes beyond charity and it is given to promoting holistic development and sustainability in the community and making a difference. The Cyient Charitable Trust (CCT) was founded with this vision in mind.


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