Kerala soon to turn global destination for students


Kerala has always reflected its name bright when it comes to education and literacy. Not necessary to mention that Kerala is considered the most literate states of India.

Government wishes to make Kerala a global destination for students. For which the government discussed with the Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to convert the state into a global destination for higher studies with institutions of international standards. Meeting the international standards is a pre-requisite.

Simultaneously, the process of elevating the Cochin University of Science and Technology into an Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) has reached the final stage said the Minister.

Further, the news of Central Expenditure Commission’s take-off was also made.

IIETS on hold-

The chief minister’s announcement comes months after the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development made it clear that it has put the plan for more IIESTs on hold. The reason behind this was to improve the quality of the existing national institutes rather than increasing the number of institutions for higher education. Loopholes were found out by the minister. He remarked that Kerala was lagging far behind in the higher education sector in comparison to other states not because educational institutions lacked proper facilities, but due to the lack of opportunities limiting growth and development for the students of the state.

With the efforts to multiply the educational oppurtunities, the minister also wants the over-all development in the infrastructure and facilities for turning it into global education destination.

The minister aims not only to attract students from outside but also to check the outflow of students from Kerala to other states and abroad,.

V.K. Ebrahim Kunju, Minister for Public Works, presided at the event.



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