Mahindra plans scholarship for students of modest background


Hailed as ‘The Federator’ by the Forbes magazine, Industrialist Anand Mahindra, who is governor of the UWC (United World College) Mahindra College, and investor Shelby Davis, a successful money manager and owner of the investment management firm, David selected advisors have jointly announced a scholarship fund of $12.5 million for students who hail from a modest background.

A daily newspaper reported that a press note was issued by the company saying the respective funds will be disbursed over the next five years and will be of great help to the bright students get access to UWC education.


It has been reported that-

The Mahindra group has promised Rs 6 crore over five years for UWC students, half to Indian students and the other half to international entrants.

Shelby Davis has committed to provide $1.5 million each year of which $1 million will be additional funding for Davis Scholarships which support over a 100 American students to attend UWC colleges. He will also continue to give half a million dollars which he does every year for Davis International Scholarships.

Four second-year students at each UWC College will be named Davis-Mahindra International Scholars.


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