There is something for the youth of the country


‘Youth is like a fire

It crept forward.

A Spark at first

Growing into a flame

The brightening into a Blaze’


Realizing the importance of the role of youth in the society, Meenakshi Lekhi BJP MP launches vocational training programme for youths, as per a newspaper.The training will be provided free of cost.

BJP MP kick-started the vocational training programme for unemployed youths in her New Delhi constituency. The training is launched to help the youth get jobs.

The training will be imparted free of cost to youths in six villages –

  • Aliganj,
  • Jutbagh,
  • Old Pilanji,
  • New Pilanji,
  • Kotla
  • Kherpur.

Lekhi said on completion of the three-month programme, the youths will be offered jobs at private companies.

After the launch she says that the training is for those who are in need of employment. For this, the team is also getting help from three big companies in the initiative. First of all, the youth will undergo training to 3 months and after that they will get jobs with good salaries.

Prior to this initiative, the BJP MP Lekhi had Old Pilanji with a view to develop it as ‘Model Village’ under a scheme envisaged by PM Narendra Modi.

Not only training, for Pilanji, the New Delhi MP had promised to work to improve sanitation conditions, drainage and road conditions in order to develop it as a ‘Model Village’ under a scheme envisaged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.



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