MP Board of Secondary Education modifies curriculum for special students


There are more than a lakh disabled students, who study in special schools. However, there is lack of teaching facilities for such students. Considering this fact, the board will this time give special attention to special and specially-abled students. The board is planning a major change in their curriculum and pattern of boards and one more help will be provided to them is that the MP Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) may introduce audio-video aids for visual.

The board ponders on the use of AV aids instead of making them write so that the students can learn and score well in Science and Maths subjects, as per the secretary Shashank Mistry. He declared this at a jansunvayi and said that the suggestions are welcomed from the public via WhatsApp, email and telephone within a week.

Suggestions from the public will be considered.

Because of the lack in teaching facilities, most of them opt for Humanities or Music during the high school and higher secondary board exams. MPBSE is now looking to bridge the gap and include such students into the mainstream, as per sources

On the first jansunvayi (public hearing), opportunity to the public was given to be heard. 60 cases were such where students and parents addressed their grievances. Most of these cases were of mark sheet rectification. Besides, three other cases related to recognition of schools were also heard. Secretary Mishra said that 30 days would be given to students for submitting supporting documents in case they have filed an application for mark sheet rectification.


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