All-India survey says KV-IIT best school


According to the ministry of human resource and development, there are close to 2 lakh government schools in the country run by state, central and local governments. Almost 60% of the country’s children study in government schools amounting to 13.8 crore children nation-wide. About 9.2 crore children study in private schools, the survey conducted by Education World, an education consultancy in Delhi.

Generally speaking, Government institutes and schools have ever been news for their poor amenities but this time a government school has been acknowledged as the best school. Recently, a survey was conducted where Chennai’s Kendriya Vidyalaya- IIT-Madras campus was listed at the first place. Ten other schools from Tamil Nadu have fared in the top 10 of the various categories.

Survey was conducted in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kanpur, Bhopal, Kolkata and Kochi, more than 1,000 fees-paying and non-fees paying parents who belonged to the socio-economic categories B, C and D.

The parents, teachers, principals, educationists and academicians were interviewed by 203 field researchers of C-Fore, a marketing company in Delhi. The survey was conducted between May and July, and the results were declared now in September.


The interviewees were asked to rate the school on a 10-point scale based on 14 parameters. Some of them are-

  • teacher welfare and development,
  • competence of faculty,
  • sports education,
  • special needs education,
  • co-curricular education,
  • infrastructure provision,
  • academic reputation,
  • value for money,
  • individual attention to students,
  • leadership/management quality,
  • parental involvement,
  • internationalism,
  • community service,
  • life skills education
  • conflict management
  • The interviewers gave competence of faculty double weightage.

Method– The scores were totaled and rounded-off to identify the ranks of the schools.

Dilip Thakore, the founder of Education World says that the objective of objective of the annual school rankings is to track the country’s best schools as role models for the entire community of educators, and inspire top-ranked institutes themselves to improve from good to great.

Seven out of the top 10 government day schools are Kendriya Vidyalaya’s with Kendriya Vidyalaya of IIT-Madras campus at the top.

When it comes to schooling, Almost 80% government schools in Tamil Nadu are following the necessary parameters to bring out the best in them. And, the board exam results every year are enough to support the fact as per J P Gandhi, an educational advisor from Salem.

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