4000 students enrolled for the first Vocational University in India


The first Vocational University of India gets enrollment from 4000 students. TeamLease Skills University (TSLU) started receiving registrations since August which have reached to 4000 students. The university has 20 faculty members. TLSU started as a joint venture between Gujarat government and the human resources (HR) services company Team Lease.

TLSU will offer skill-based academic programmes to students with higher secondary or equivalent qualification. TLSU will support Gujarat in its vocational education and training initiatives. The programmes will provide vertical link to graduates of Vocational Higher Secondary Schools as well as ITI candidates, which can synergise enrolment in these institutions.

Team Lease, is offering specialisation in three segments-

  • mechatronics,
  • information technology hardware
  • finance and business operations.

Further,in future, the university aspires to expand its offering in sectors like retail and hospitality. The university has 20 faculty members.

Courses are a combination of four modules-

  • corporate education,
  • cloud-based training,
  • NETAP (apprenticeship programme)
  • campus


  • The entire programme will be divided into six semesters, completion of which is equivalent to attaining a Bachelor’s degree. A student completing four semesters would get an Associate degree.
  • Students from the first batch completing first year would get a Diploma certificate and can join the workforce.
  • If students plans to return to complete studies, they need not start from scratch again. They will automatically go to the next year.

Course fee-

The course fee for the first semester is Rs 22,000.


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