IIT Delhi starts its campus in Mauritius


IIT- Delhi’s campus to come in Mauritius in November 2014

The International Institute of Technology Research Academy (IITRA) is a venture between IIT Delhi and the Mauritius Research Council. The campus of IITRA will be seen and start its functions from November 2014 in Mauritius. IITRA will provide a platform to Mauritian students to return as qualified researchers. The academic programmes are aimed to be organized as department and inter departmental in Electrical/ Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering.  The news of the launch of the campus has also been confirmed by a professor from IIT-Delhi, named S M Ishtiaqu. The institute will provide full time and part time courses in-

  • electrical,
  • electronics
  • computer science

Initially, courses in Master of Science and P.hd will be offered in the initial launch. Later, putting a gap of five years, the University officials plan to introduce undergraduate courses too.

IITRA will become a hub for researchers around the world centered at Mauritius. Things such as recruitments have started taking place. The institute has started the process of recruiting faculty members, who will strengthen the working process of the university. An admission notice for admission to academic programmes has also been released by the university over the official website.

The officials at the IIT-D also confirmed of setting up similar institutes in future after getting offers from other countries.


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