IITs now teaching entrepreneurship in classrooms


The potent of students from IITs is well-known. They have produced a stream of entrepreneur including the celebrated companies like Flipkart and Sanpdeal. Noticing this, IITs are finally gearing up to teach entrepreneurship in classrooms. Moreover, IIT-Madras is collecting funds to raise up a start-up.

Other IITs like IIT-Delhi, Kharagpur and Hyderabad are also planning to add entrepreneurship to their BTech curriculum starting with adding minor electives of the subject from the very next year onwards. Similarly, IIT Madras, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Kanpur, Patna, Mandi have also taken baby steps to include entrepreneurship in their curriculum. For IITs like IIT Delhi who have already introduced entrepreneur courses, the courses will evolve more. The IITs could in themselves bring a culture of entrepreneurship in the nation.

The course will help both students who belong to a business family as well who want to start a company as per Sasha Mirchandani, managing partner and founder of Kae Capital and founder of Mumbai Angels, a network of investors. Students will be more willing to learn if they have proper faculty members for start-ups and businesses. Patna is another IIT thinking about launching a minor in entrepreneurship.

As per the founder of HCL, Ajai Chowdhary when subject like entrepreneurship is taught by actual entrepreneurs, it will guide and support young entrepreneurial ventures in the right direction.

For IIT Gandhinagar, they have been focusing on entrepreneurship as the institute does not offers a vanilla degree in BTech. The institute offers the subject as both elective as well as minor.


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