US academics to come in India


AS per news, around 1000 US academics will teach in Indian universities. India is now looking up to American academics for teaching in different Indian universities. Initially, India had also planned to rope in scientists from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

India wants them to prepare a team of 1000 American academics and visit India every year as per their convenience. The idea is to get them teach in recognized Universities mainly in the field of science and innovation. The US had agreed upon this proposal during the meet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Barack Obama at Washington.

This activity of hosting a team of 1000 US academicians in India is a part of Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN or knowledge) as said by US and India jointly.

The HRD Ministry will assign the different academics for teaching to different Universities for short term. Moreover, it will be scheduled in consultation with the science and technology Ministry.

An official says that the purpose of such initiative is to expose Indian students to the experience and expertise of the best of Indian scientists and US academicians.

Guest lectures at public funded schools is also an encouraging step in relation to this where in the science and technology ministry had last month made it mandatory for over 5,000 scientists, working in different central agencies including the country’s premier R&D body CSIR, to undertake 12 hours of lecture classes in an academic year in public-funded schools and colleges across the country.

Both the nations have identified other fields also where they can jointly work and bring innovation. They will jointly work in the field of science and expand their activities in innovative technology.

Digital India initiative-

India’s Digital India initiative works in direction to enhance the digital infrastructure, deploying e-governance and e-services, promoting industry collaboration, and digitally empowering India’s citizens. The leaders of both the nation decided to cooperate for Digital India.

They also agreed in principle to initiate cooperative activities to increase capacity in cancer research and patient care delivery, including by developing collaborative programs for and with India’s upcoming AIIMS-National Cancer Institute.” For the first time US will be a partner country at India’s annual Technology Summit next month. Both the nations work together and plan to launce partnership to “source and scale innovation for the benefit of citizens”.


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