40 lakhs jobs to be created in telecom sector


It has been in news lately that 40 lakh new jobs will be created in Telecom sector in the next five years. The decision owes to the latest internet technologies and the huge potential to tap from the rural youth. The plan looks more realistic and with higher expectation as the Indian government plans to connect all the 2.5 lakh village panchayats with high speed broadband connection.

A huge rise is expected to be seen in jobs for technicians, installation, service and maintenance providers, sales, marketing and in the HR sector.

The telecom sector has been growing aggressively at an average of 35 per cent per year. The bottom period of this sector is over and it continues to be a large job sector as per Randstad CEO K. Uppaluri. He also says that with the increased use of technology, professionals will have to re-skill themselves to take up bigger roles and move up the value chain.

The company says that around 40 lakh direct and indirect jobs are expected in next five years because of the growing penetration of internet in rural market and popularity of mobile internet and broadband connections everywhere.

TE Connectivity, the leading employer in India in the last decade estimates a need of 2.75 lakh people by 2015. Moreover, the Director K K Shetty says the challenge would be to get the right talent. Shetty further added that once the bandwidth comes into place and digitalization takes over, they will see substantial employment opportunities in content provider industry and related services industry.

Now, making the people job ready is a question which includes the rationalization of tariffs and creating more spectrums available which eventually will boost jobs. This will also include teaching skills to college graduates and at a lower cost.

Rajiv Barman, Lighthouse Partners Managing Partner-

More spectrums are being made available by the government by getting defence establishment to relinquish the huge amounts they are sitting on, which will give a fillip to growth of mobile telephony and increase the demand for telecom gear.


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