Mars to encourage students towards science


Looking at the success of Mars Orbiter Mission, the Department of Science and Technology (DTS) sees it as a tool for inspiration to the school children and build interest in science.

To start with the mission, Vigyan Prasar has set up an ISRO exhibition to showcase achievements of the space agency and deliver their message of value of science and technology. Vigyan Prasar is a wing of DST that looks after the promotion of science and technology. The exhibition present during the Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) award programme organised by the Ministry.

The exhibition covers the major developments in the Indian programme and various activities of history of space programmes, from how the first rocket was transported on a cycle in the initial days to the latest achievements of MOM, successful launches of PSLV, GSLV and Chandrayan I, the moon mission programme of India.

It can be seen that after the success of Mars, the students are drawn towards science. A scientist in Vigyan Prasar T V Venkateshwaran says that the Mars Orbiter Mission has heightened the heightened the interest of school students in science. Now, they are using the success of MOM to inculcate interest and attract more students towards science. Venkateshwaran, further says that the exhibition was arranged to promote science and not space because the attraction towards space programmes has increased greatly.The occasion is an ideal situation for Vigyan Prasar as more than 900 students from all over the country are joining INSPIRE for their science experiments.

As such, INSPIRE awards are organized every year. Every year Rs 5000/- is paid to every recognized school which sends two students with an innovative project. From all of these, the best projects are selected at district level, from which projects are selected at state level and lastly selected for national level , as per Sandeep Bansal, a part of the INSPIRE team and a scientist with the DST.

Ajit Kumar Seth, Cabinet Secretary who was also present at the inaugural, says that such functions encourage students. As per him, it is noteworthy that some students are school goers and yet have done such a fabulous job. Young buds have definitely showed their mettle and the future awaits them for a prestigious contribution in the field of science and technology.


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