Pre-placement Offers (PPO) at premier engineering institutes rise


Better times have arrived for these Engineering colleges, as Pre-placement offers are on the rise this year. IIT –Bombay sees a 25 % rise in the PPO’s up till now. IIT Madras has also marked such an increase that first it had a placement cell and now plans the setting up of an internship cell also.

The professor in charge of the placements, Mr Avijit Chatterjee says that their expectations by the end of the season are quite higher. In the first week of October this year 95 PPO were made at IIT Bombay against 75 last year. In the internship only, Students are also being offered packages close to Rs 20 lakh in Indian companies.

For IIT-Madras, where the total number of PPOs received in the whole year of 2013 was 67, this year 60 has been received in the first week of October itself. Placement advisor Babu Vishwanathan that PPOs going up are a good indicator but whether they will prove good for placement will come to know by December end in the placement season.

At,IIT Roorkee placement co-ordinator Kunal Punjabi says that last year 58 PPOs were received. This year the number has gone up to 52 PPOs in the first week itself. It is expected to be higher by the end of November mid-semester exams.

Firms are keen in the matter of internship as they get sufficient time to evaluate students for placements. PPOs are also going up due to the rise in companies wanting to hire students for internships.

Non-IITs too are noticing the trend this year. Mukesh Patel School of Technology, NMIMS, has also seen a rise in the number of firms wanting to hire students for internships. Sharad Mhaiskar, the dean, said most of these companies are from the core engineering sector such as mechanical, civil or electrical.


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