Government launches program to train the youth of Indian


The Government of India wants the youth to be smart in their respective skills. Therefore, GOI has launched a skill development programme designed specially for the youth in various professions. This time it was the 68th Independence year for India and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi feels that the Independent India has a lot of potential youth and developing their skill will make them shine and rise, making India a developed country from a developing one.

He averred that if we have to promote the development of our country, then our mission has to be skill development and skilled India. Millions of Indian youth should go for acquisition of skills and there should be a network across the country for this and not the archaic systems


The Skill Government of India under the government of India is planning to launch the programme to provide vocational education and training to the youth of India. Under this programme, youth will be imparted training and courses to enhance their skills to make them more eligible and qualified for better jobs.

As per Sarbanda Sonowal, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the program will be helpful to the youth belonging to the socio-economic class for employment.

Moreover, in order to ensure the programme to be a success they have asked the assistance of the German government. On this, German Ambassador Michel Steiner said that the contribution of Germany was important to ensure participation of the private sector in the programme. This will help them in the creation of new jobs for the talented youth who will get trained in the programme.

The program is expected to start from March 2015.

Everyone has high hope for its success as it will help in generating employment for the youth and prevent brain drain from India.

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