Save Kashmir’ app developed by a group of Kashmiri students


Worried by the condition of Kashmiri victims, a group of Kashmiri students develop an app for Kashmiri families. The students study in a private engineering college in Punjab. The five students named – Mudasir, Adil, Tahira, Aashu and Rumaisa, have developed the app.

In order to provide some relief to friends and relatives of people affected in Kashmir by the flood, an application has been developed.

The application provides all the important information and details regarding the flood affected areas, people and contact details of victims and relief providers and other relevant information.

The students said that during the floods, there was no common platform for information providers and seekers. They were also unable to contact their parents for a few days and that’s when they decided to develop the app.

The funds for developing the app, along with the technological support was provided by the college management. The app includes the list of missing people, list of the dead, donation links, government helplines, affected people and areas and location of relief camps.


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