Two new courses at Nalanda University


The Nalanda University made a successful start this year. The University is in the thought to add two new streams to the post graduate course-

  • Postgraduate courses in ecology and environment
  • Post graduate course in historical studies

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Amratya Sen said that NU was planning to start two new schools – of economics and management studies and public healthcare – from the next academic session.

Sen said at the city airport, that according to him systematic education and public healthcare were two sectors that had remained neglected. Postgraduate course in healthcare is something that will focus on improving the healthcare sector. Nalanda University restarted after 800 years. The situation was not suitable for these courses at that time. He mentioned that it was difficult to create suitable atmosphere similar to the atmosphere which was 800 years ago in ancient Nalanda. However the start was good. He praised and given credit to the Varsity Vice Chancellor Gopa Sabharwal for her efforts who was also present in the occasion. CM Jitan Ram Manjhi and former CM Nitish Kumar were also present at the occasion.

While talking to the students of the University and interaction with the faculty members, he said it made him nostalgic and made him remember his own student life, as he felt the atmosphere of the University warm and dynamic.

Sen, was awarded Nobel Prize for economics in 1998 for his work in welfare economics. He said that the School of Ecology and Environment Studies was started keeping in view the challenges before Bihar in particular and India in general, posed by the environmental issues.

He said the issues were not limited to the macro concept of global warming but involved more sensitive ‘local’ issues, including pollution and hydrology.

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