Nalanda University to provide free education to the poor


The restarted age old Nalanda University thinks about the students who cannot afford the courses. The University will provide free education to poor students if they qualify for certain parameters. This decision is made by the Vice Chancellor Prof Amartya Sen.

Sen demonstrated that the students of poor economic background who are interested in studying at Nalanda University will be provided free education only if they qualify on the parameters of excellence decided by the University. He made this decision during his visit at the University which started last month.

Such students have to first pass the entrance test. However, the funds for the fees on these students will be arranged by the University from its own sources.

Apart from this, Sen also asked the students about their objectives while studying in Nalanda University and their views on the atmosphere at the Nalanda University. He also quizzed their confidence levels on meeting their academic targets.

The Noble laureate also talked about the next session of the University. He said that the process of admission will start in November admitting 40 to 50 students.Also he announced that 50 per cent concession will also continue but the concession will not be given on hostel charges. He conceded the lack of space for academic activities. The University has taken lesser number of students due to constraints of infrastructure.


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