IITs should get separate canteen for vegetarian students –suggest HRD


Keeping a common outlet for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food students may be deviating the students away from Indian value system. IITs can explore a separate space for eating for vegetarian students.

The issue came into light when after the Ministry received a representation from a Katni-based trader S.K.Jain, who demanded a separate mess for students consuming vegetarian food. In response to this, taking it further, the Ministry has forwarded this to the IITs with a cover letter from the Ministry asking the institutes to keep the Ministry informed of their action taken.

What the IITs have to say is a little contradictory to this. The IITs feel that the Communication made by Mr.Jain was just a suggestion and the decision is on IITs to decide on the feasibility of the proposal.

Moreover, the IITs have not responded to the letter in the opinion of the Dean of student’s welfare S K Gupta said that what they got is not a directive it is just a suggestion. IITs will try a way if it is possible by them or else what they have to do is their question.

Jain gives his strong views by saying that the students who have started practicing on non-vegetarianism are deviating from the Indian value system and saddened their parents with their tamasic behavior because the food has direct correlation with your thoughts.

With a similar copy forwarded to PM Narendra Modi as well, he said it is call for the parents of India that IITs and other institutions segregate their dining halls for vegetarians.


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