A new Collaboration between India and France


As per news,IIT-Delhi and IISc team up with a Paris-based company to carry out joint research.

The tie-up entail a sponsored research by the faculties at both the institutes. For this, The Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, recently announced a partnership with a French company that specialises in aerospace, defence and security.

The first step to the entire collaboration is to increase computer efficiency. Therefore, IIT-D faculty and Safran together on a project to increase the computer efficiency at chip level.

On the other hand, for IISc is going to work closely with the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre for Morphing Machines, which is one of its start-ups, dealing in fables semi-conductor IP and products.

Mary Mathew, a professor-management studies at IISc said that the intent to take the partnership to higher levels of cooperation to conduct joint research and even award joint degrees with the company. Further, She also invited Safran to consider setting up a research centre at IISc.

Anil Wali, a Managing Director at the foundation and an interface between business and academia says that it is important to engage with the industry to keep an institution abreast of the latest developments in the field. Moreover, as per him they are also science parks to promote research and development. The Science parks will focus on specific research and not purely as a commercial entity.

Wali explains that the faculty members in the department of electrical engineering expressed interest in carrying research in areas highlighted by Safran. However, this is the first time for both the companies are coming in collaboration and there are hopes to serve as a model for deeper engagement in the future.


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