New Education Policy (NEP) will come from next year


Under the ministry of HRD Minister Smriti Irani , the government plans to implement the New education policy(NEP) from the next year informs Smriti Irani.

As per her, education policy takes seven months to three years for the politicians, bureaucrats and experts to draw it up. However, there is no need to involve principals, teachers and students. Irani was present at a valedictory function of the 21st Annual Sahodaya conference of CBSE at neary Nedumbassery where she made this statement.

She said that the future of the country lies on them addressing the students. Further, she says this not only as an HRD Minister but also as a mother of two CBSE school going kids. Citing the evolution phase of India, Irani said the nation’s destiny has for too long been vested in those who did politics and now there was a chance to transform India for the better.

She said that she stands as a witness of the desire of people to seek transformation what cannot happen in government only. Everything should be at the grassroot level and teachers should be a vehicle to bring out the change.

Following this, the Minister also launched ‘Saransh’, a tool for complete self-review in schools. It will be helpful to school students, especially those with learning challenges.

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