Coimbatore, Pune among 100 KUSHAL educational centres across India


As per the news, Coimbatore and Pune are the first among the 100 Knowledge upgradation centres for skilled human action and learning action (KUSHAL), which is proposed by the HRD ministry.

H.Devaraj, the vice-chairman of UGC said at the 24th Graduation Day of SNR Sons College that the centres, proposed to be in place within one year and will coordinate with the entire skill development efforts of higher education institutions.

However, the guidelines of the schemes are being framed by the UGC and funded by the Ministry. He says that the time has arrived where the educational institutions should introduce skill-based courses. Moving forward with a mere degree during the technology savy era will not give jobs.

Further he says that UGC has already come out with faculty recharge programme, which was aimed to induct exceptional candidates, with notable record of research in international/frontier area of skill, who will spearhead internationally competitive research programme along with their teaching responsibilities.

UGC has also come out with three-year bachelor of vocational course, with a grant of Rs 2 crore, he says.

Similarly, it was giving funds to start a course under the community college programme, under the 12th Plan, particularly to tackle the unemployment problem.


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