India and UK build up 50m pound fund for research


 As per news, Newton-Bhabha fund is set up amounting 50 million pound by joint effort of UK and India. The fund is supposed to be used for multi-disciplinary cooperation in the fields of science, research and innovation between the two countries.

The programme aims for providing financial assistance to the best minds from both countries in carrying out scientific research and innovation says Minister for science and technology Harsh Vardhan.

Further he said that the Scientists, academicians, research scholars and administrators from both countries have come forward to undertake joint-research activities for developing a scientific temperamong the people. Newton-Bhabha Fund is a tribute to the famous icons Homi J Bhabha and Sir Issac Newton from both the lands. The programme aims to provide 50 million pounds to the best minds of both countries in addressing the global challenges through the application of science and technology.

In the same meeting, various issues were discussed by the delegates of both the countries. Issues like UK-India Science and Innovation Council and decided to go for joint new research projects in mental health and substance abuse among others.

The British Minister for Universities, Science and cities, says that he hopes that the exciting programme will contribute to Newton Bhabha and also deliver much to global science.Furthermore, By working together to address big societal challenges, like sustainable cities, health, food, energy and water, the UK and India can deliver tangible benefits for our countries and the world.


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