Technical education schemes for women and specially-abled students


Recently,the government launches two schemes in technical education for specially abled students and women respectively.  Both the education schemes were launched o the occasion of National Education Day.

The schemes are very well named as Pragati and Saksham respectively. They wll be implemented by the All India Council for Technical Education. As per sources, Paragati and Saksham were launched in the presence of President Pranab Mukherjee and Human Resource Development Minster Smriti Irani.


Pragati, aims providing assistance for girl participation in the field of technical education envisages selection of one girl per family, provided the family income is less than Rs.6 lakh per annum, on merit in the qualifying examination to pursue technical education.

The scheme attempts to give every young woman the opportunity to further her education and prepare for a successful future.


Saksham is aimed at providing encouragement and support to specially-abled children to pursue technical education.

Under the scheme, 1,000 scholarships every year will be awarded to differently-abled students whose family income is less than Rs.6 lakh per annum. The candidates will be selected on basis of qualifying examination to pursue technical education in AICTE approved institutions from amongst such candidates.

According to the ministry, the scholarship money will ensure “students with disabilities achieve their college goals, despite learning issues, environmental challenges, or medical bills”.


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