Smart classrooms having modern technology to be introduced


It good to hear this news that Karnataka Government is to modernize teaching process by introducing smart classrooms. They are into this process of setting up both smart classrooms as well as virtual classrooms at all the first grade colleges in Karnataka.

The aim behind this step, as per knowledge, is to boost the teaching-learning mechanism via technological intervention.

Further, the planning of these classrooms has been done in at all the government run first grade colleges in Karnataka, as per the higher education department.

To start with, similar smart classrooms will be arranged in selected 50 government-run first-grade colleges. Gradually, more such classrooms will be set up in all the government colleges across the state following a systematic phase wise curriculum.

Next will be the initiative of virtual classrooms, which will later on be started .E-content, as we all know, is being downloaded in various forms, such as, eBooks, video lectures, audio books plus lecture notes relating to the undergraduate (UG) syllabus, extra-curricular programs, personality development which are available online as Open Course Ware.

After content is downloaded it will be circulated amongst all government-operated first-grade colleges. Students and staff will be granted access to such content with the help of networked computers or mobile handsets (via wireless LAN).


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