Executive Education program, a joint initiative made by Infosys and Stanford


As per recent news, India-based multinational company Infosys and the Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford GSB) come together to develop an executive education program.

As per the agreement, Stanford Graduate School of Business and senior Infosys officials will together design and deliver a strategic leadership development program, which will be particularly made for the firm’s executives, partners as well as the clients.

According to the Infosys’ official release, the program will incorporate a wide range of business management skills. There will be corporate innovation courses which will guide Infosys in maintaining a balance between business discipline and entrepreneurial spirit.

The programme will be delivered by the Office of Executive Education at Stanford GSB and Infosys officials through in-person and online modes as well as live sessions through distance-learning technology.

Moreover, the programme expects around 200 executive supposed to be a part of this one year part time executive program in groups of 40 during a three to five year period. The executive will be shared knowledge that can apply their learning to the real business related challenges.

Stanford GSB and Infosys have ventured into other Program as well: Stanford GSB offers the Stanford Ignite-Bangalore program on entrepreneurship and innovation at the Bangalore campus of the company which drives to boost economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation and to help candidates to develop the requisite skills to give shape to their ideas.

The Stanford Ignite program channelizes Indian innovators on how to devise, expand and commercialize their business plans.


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