E-commerce giant Flipkart recruits 19 students at IIT Madras


As per the news, the well known company Flipkart recruits 19 students on the second day of placement drive at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.While a total of 158 candidates were recruited on December 1st , which was the first day of the placement session at IIT Madras, a total of 77 students were placed on Tuesday, December 2nd , during the forenoon session. In all, as many as 235 IIT-Madras students were selected by various companies.

Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd recruited 19 students which becomes the highest offer so far followed by the Citigroup from Citicorp services which came second with 18 offers.

Next was Eaton Technologies offered jobs to 14 students, while Intel Technology picked nine students. Inasra Technologies (Stayzilla.com) offered jobs to three students during the day. Students who received offer letters from one company were not eligible to attend another interview.

On Monday, a total of 158 job offers had been made between the forenoon, afternoon and the graveyard sessions. Sixty-four students were selected by multinational companies, both foreign and Indian. Investment banker Goldman Sachs hired 13 students on Monday, becoming the top recruiter on Day 1.

Furthermore, the number of companies registered to attend the campus recruitment at IIT-Madras this year has doubled, while the number of students opting for placement has come down from last year, according to an announcement by the IIT.

  • The top domestic offer on the first day of the drive was for Rs 30 lakh, while the highest international offer was for US$ 1,29,500.
  • On the Day 1 of the placement session, Goldman Sachs extended the majority of offers in the forenoon session, Epic in the graveyard session and EXL in the afternoon session.
  • Altogether, 250 firms with 330 job profiles have registered for the placement session this year. Around 70 students have acquired Pre-placement Offers (PPOs) after their summer internships.
  • The first phase of the placement programme is on till December 5.
  • The second phase will be held between December 7 and 15.
  • This year, 1391 students have registered for placement, which is far less than last year’s 1435 students. However, the number of companies registered for recruitment has seen a jump from 372 in 2013- 2014 to 762 this year, out of the 1000 invited.

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