A new approach to employment at IIMs- Deferred Placement Policy


Deferred placement policy is a step to encourage entrepreneurship and risk-taking among young graduates from management and engineering.

Whenever there are campus placements happening, there are a few students who opt out of the placements just to pursue their dreams. This dream is well encouraged by Deferred placement policy. Top business and engineering colleges are thinking about their future and mitigating the risks involved in entrepreneurial and social sectors.

The concept of ‘Deferred placement policy’ has a potent to bring a big leap of faith in the budding talents to pursue their dreams. The trending term has been well encouraged by the top colleges in India.

What is this Deferred placement policy?

Aim-Deferred Placement Policy aims at promoting entrepreneurship among its students. The policy enables students to start up their own venture with minimum risks. If the enterprise does not succeed in a stipulated period, they could come back and join the campus placement process. Simply put – in case of the failure of the start-up, there shall be an opportunity to participate in the campus placements after two years.

A step further to this, IIM Udaipur went a step further to not only encourage entrepreneurship with a compensation of Rs. 20,000 for hardship, but also extended support to the social progress. This was done by making a provision for students to opt to work in a social sector or to start an NGO. The students who shall opt for Social Sector will get a reimbursement of their tuition fees over a period of three years, if they continue to be in the same sector.

Deferred Placement is a new turn to help spur the appetite for entrepreneurship and risk-taking among young graduates at the country’s Premier Engineering and Management Institutions.

The placement chairman of IIT Kanpur says that the Deferred Placement Policy is being formulated now. As of now, it is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the committee and then the decision is taken. All they want is to give students an opportunity to think and initiate.


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