Institutes of France gaining popularity due to Indian students


As per the stats, the number of Indian students going to France for higher studies increases by 50%. This is the reason, as per reports, that the institutes of France are gaining popularity. Moreover, Campus France, which is a French National agency behind promoting French higher education, also says the number of Indian students there have increased by 50%. Presently, there are more than 2700 students from India studying in French institutes. The United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) were the traditionally favored destinations for students aspiring to pursue higher studies overseas. However, now France has found favor among Indian students since the academic options in France are relatively less costly and the institutes, across several disciplines, are highly ranked in global ratings.

Looking towards the reason behind the increase in the number are several. Firstly, the number of courses offered in English at France has increased in the last five years. Other reason is scholarship. The long-term visas (up to five years) for Indian citizens who have pursued studies in France at the Master’s or the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) levels, revival of the post study work (PSW) scheme, lucrative Scholarships for Indian students have also helped the students immensely.

Engineering and Management are the highest selected by Indian students. around 70% of the total Indian students in France are pursuing engineering or management courses. Engineering and management institutes of France can be compared to their Indian counterparts such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Moreover these two degrees have a higher employability quotient. Other courses opted by Indian students, as per the Campus France, are subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. Courses in humanities, fashion, etc., are gaining momentum also. There is a growing number of Indian women joining French institutes, lending diversity to the Indian student pool.

When asked , the Indian students who passed out from Institutes of France, generally have a good response towards the course. According to such students, there are immense advantages of completing a Master’s degree in France. The French government’s policy of subsidizing higher education, especially in public institutes, substantially lowers the course fees compared to other foreign countries. Moreover, the six-month internship stipulated by several degrees enables students to get familiar with the industry. Through their network with major recruiters, the French institutes can provide internship opportunities to their students.

The best of all reason is that the students are also getting government assistance in lodging (under CAF benefits) as well as medical aid at very low costs during their entire period of study. These all are the reasons that make the France a preferred destination for higher studies by Indian students.


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