Integrated courses increasing in India


As noticed recently, integrated courses are increasing and are in fashion in India. For this there is a need for proper structure for these courses. The experts suggest that the integrated courses need to be carefully designed. The demand and acceptance of integrated courses are increasing in Indian students. Also, this is due to more universities coming up with various courses. More and more number of students are getting attracted towards the integrated courses.

Integrated courses are still to be implemented as the concept is just an idea now. For now, there are many combo courses provided by Universities. Fields like engineering , medical nanotechnology, mathematics and also data-management have combo courses.

The trend is catching students and it may grow at pace if colleges and universities modify courses as per the market demand. The courses need be tailored in the way that it should develop expertise in particular fields and also fulfill the needs of potential recruiters.

Sastra University, Vellore Institute of Technology, Amrita University, Anna University and other state varsities have already started integrated courses in specific areas and taking interest.

Moreover, as said by the Regional Director of ELS Education Services Mallik Sundharam, Several institutions are analysing market and industry requirements and then only they designing such courses. Syllabus of the two courses is integrated carefully, making sure no essentials are missed out. Subjects are added or deleted based on market needs

He said that the combination of computer science and electronics as an integrated course is preferred by many students as it helps them understand industry trends better.

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