Rajasthan boy tops JEE Advanced


This year Chitrang Murdia from Rajasthan tops the JEE Advanced test. The results were released on Thursday i.e. yesterday 19th June
by IIT-Khargarpur who had coordinated the exam.

On the basis of these results students will get admission in the IITs across the country.


  • The topper, Murdia overall score is 334/360 in the test. loosing just three marks in the maths section.
  • Ranked seventh, Aditi tops amongst the female candidates.
  • Following Murdai, the second ranker belongs to IIT-Madras zone which includes places like Tamil Nadu,Kerela, Puducherry,
  • Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Although the test is the toughest competitive exams in the country,more than 27000 have met the required
cut off marks in the marks.These candidates will vie for more than 9,000 seats in the IITs this year.

Candidates can access their results by logging on to http://www.jeeadv.iitkgp.ac.in .


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